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Red, white and blue honored at the annual La Mesa Flag Day Parade

  • The hardest part about being at the top is staying there. For football powerhouse Grossmont High School, the battle to keep on top of the standings has brought a fairly young team through a tumultuous month. 

    With a loss against Bishop’s and Eastlake, and wins against Olympian and Hilltop, Grossmont head coach Tom Karlo said he is optimistic about where the team is headed. 

  • Life, it’s everywhere. From the lowest depths of our great oceans to the outer limits of our atmosphere life is present, adapting and growing.  As you examine the world around you water will be at the heart of this phenomenon. It’s the requirement needed for all life to begin, grow and in which it flourishes. Even a tiny baby is protected and begins life surrounded by a watery bubble, safe and sound in their mother’s womb. 

  • September arrives with early fall remembrances of military veterans and others who have served, sacrificed and suffered in defending their fellow citizens in this country. On Sept. 11 during these 16 years since 2001, Patriot Day has been commemorated as the National Day of Service and Remembrance to honor and remember those who perished from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and those who answered the call to rescue and recover victims of those assaults.