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Articles by Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

The wheelchair sits perfectly in the motorcycle body. It’s a perfect position for a handicapped driver to take this “hog” out on the open road and feel the wind breezing through their helmet. Welcome to GoldenBoy Mobility’s adaptive motorcycle for the disabled driver. Surprised?

Hacienda Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant in El Cajon will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party on Dec. 31. Part of the proceeds will go to injured Sheriff’s Detective Ali Perez for his continued recovery.

What is that unexplainable red numbered day after Christmas on your calendar? Why---it’s Boxing Day.
To Bill Jaynes, owner of La Mesa’s All Things Bright and British shop, Boxing Day was an honored tradition to his English heritage family as he was growing up.

What is Boxing Day? To Americans, as stated already, it is the red numbered day on their work and home calendars after Christmas, observed December 26, that every year someone says, “What’s Boxing Day?” It’s an English holiday or bank holiday.

“It’s been a godsend to us” is how Becky Williams describes the Arms Wide Open troupe at Rubio’s Performing Arts Center in El Cajon. Williams’ daughter, Cali, was born with Down’s Syndrome, and the Arms Wide Open program run by Chris Rubio has opened up an opportunity for Cali to participate in the Special Needs Dance and Movement class for children and young adults.

“All risk” responder. Welcome to the phrase that Lakeside Fire Station No. 2 Captain John Hisaw used to describe the station that opened in early 2012 on Valle Vista Road in Lakeside, and is now ready to serve Lakeside residents, along with the other three stations in the Lakeside area.

Google www.meetup.com ; you may find who and what you are looking for in people, activities, and…. surprise …..customers. No need to wait for your busy friends’ schedules to free up – find new BFF’s.

Meetup was founded by Scott Heiferman and has evolved into a website that offers so many options for matching up your needs to a specific interest group they cannot all be referenced here. But Christian Moms of

Girl power indeed. During the the second Girl Power Expo held at the Town & Country Convention Center on Oct. 21, girls like 17- year- old Victoria Angeles and 17-year-old Sarah Gehman along with Tori-Dawn Hine attended the event and exhibited their collection of clothes, accessories, and specialty items from their El Cajon based company Labyrinth Collection.

Picture yourself as Spiderman wrapped in a ‘new school’ web known as the BodyWeb straps of the TRX.
How popular is the TRX work-out system at Crunch Gym in El Cajon’s Parkway Plaza?
“Extremely popular—every class fills up,” according to John Romeo, Crunch’s Operating Partner.
Give credit to Romeo for using the phrase “Spiderman moves” to describe the class.

Welcome to the jungle, and who can better teach jungle life to a 4-year-old than Stephanie Boeck. What can she teach? Techniques on how to steal a basketball without a foul, she boasts.

Certainly the movie “The Hunger Games” has inspired a new interest in archery for the teen and young adult crowd. Just try to get into an archery class on some days.

“I sold two bows to a 13-year old and a 14-year old after having watched the movie.” said Bruce Marshall, owner, of the Bow N Arrow Shop, in Lakeside.

But archery is also a very serious sport, hobby, and real “hunger” game for some- — people who eat what they hunt.