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Articles by Neal Putnam

A judge ordered a man on Aug. 17 to stand trial for murder of Leticia Arroyo, 34, whose body was found in her Santee townhome where she had been shot in the head.

Family members of Arroyo sat through three days of testimony in the preliminary hearing of Jose Nunez Torres, 22, also charged with committing a home invasion robbery in La Jolla with Gustavo Ceron, 25.

A jury convicted an El Cajon house painter July 27 of pre-meditated attempted murder of CBS Sports Director Kyle Kraska and making two death threats to two others.

Mike Montana, 55, showed little reaction in San Diego Superior Court. The eight men, four-woman jury deliberated 5.5 hours before reaching verdicts.

Mike Montana, an El Cajon house painter, was ordered June 3 to stand trial for pre-meditated attempted murder of KFMB-TV (Channel 8) sportscaster Kyle Kraska who was shot six times Feb. 10 following a dispute with Montana over his work.

Kraska, 48, who initially was in a 6-day medically induced coma after the Feb. 10 shootings, was the star witness in the 2-day preliminary hearing of Montana, 54. Kraska is back on the air at CBS.


 U.S. Border Patrol supervisor from El Cajon pleaded guilty May 14 to making a false statement to a federal agent and seven misdemeanor counts of video voyeurism in which he placed a camera in the drain of a women’s bathroom at a building inside the Chula Vista Border Patrol station.

Three executives of a La Mesa real estate company and the firm who pleaded guilty to failure to pay for workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment taxes following the death of a worker in 2013 in a tree-trimming accident were sentenced March 26 to probation.

The owner of Three Frogs Inc. paid $290,000 into a trust for the infant son of the deceased worker, Joshua Pudsey, 42, of Lakeside. Pudsey died accidently when a large eucalyptus tree branch hit him on Nov. 12, 2013, at a La Mesa home.

Jillian Hanson-Cox will start her 30-month federal prison term on Jan. 14 after a judge sentenced the former El Cajon council member Monday for embezzling $3.6 million from her former employer Century Design Inc. (CDI).

Hanson-Cox, 53, was allowed to remain free on a $100,000 bond over the Christmas holiday by U.S. District Court Judge Michael Anello in San Diego. She resigned from the El Cajon City Council on March 5, a week after her home and former office searched by the FBI.