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Articles by Mariam Shamon

Recently, President Trump took some time off to go abroad to make deals and close the gaps between the United States and our allies. The trip consisted of nine days to foreign countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. 

Rising alongside computers, it is inevitable that the computer age would soon become riddled with cyber criminals, also known as hackers. There are organizations of hackers, across the globe. Organizations such as Anonymous and Legion of Doom are quite well known, despite their anonymous nature. Whether hackers are motivated by greed or vigilantism varies between individual hackers and organizations.

Tradition and customs are a crucial part in every culture. Holidays such as Thanksgiving have become an essential part in American culture. In groups assimilated into American society, such as the German Americans or Nigerian Americans, Thanksgiving also molds into their accepted culture. However, these groups will also continue to retain the traditions and customs of their home country into their new country.

The Copts are the largest Christian community in the Middle East, as well as one of the oldest. In Egypt, they are roughly 10 percent of the general population. Their origins lie in Egypt, Libya and Sudan. However, due to persecution, Copts now reside in many countries overseas.

ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has resurfaced in the west once again. On the one year anniversary of the terrorist attack in Brussels, an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack hit another large western city—London.

The American Health Care Act also dubbed as “Trump Care” has surfaced to the level. It is a new and “improved” version of the slowly dying Affordable Care Act, placed by former democratic president Barack Obama.

In his nomination acceptance speech, Trump became the first republican candidate that vowed to protect the vulnerable Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community. That statement has come under fire over his team’s latest action. Recently, the Trump administration rolled back on transgender rights by reversing Obama’s controversial policy of allowing trans youth to choose the bathroom they want in their perspective public schools.

In a new digital age, the act of taking and sharing nudes amongst consenting adults has become somewhat a norm. Through mediums such as Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, it has become easy for adults to become “intimate” without being in the same room. Hundreds or thousands of miles away, a couple could become intimate through images and videos that they can easily take and share themselves. This is new boundary that we are heading in.

Nayyef and Btoo, a gay Iraqi couple, were recently broadcasted on the Ellen Degeneres show. The two have a documentary Out of Iraq that will be released soon.

The two met in an Iraqi war zone: one of them an Iraqi soldier, the other an interpreter. Love in the midst of a war, it is a love story sure to be remembered.

However, their love story is not a typical one in the Iraqi region, or even the greater Middle East. 

Time is almost up for President Barack Obama, and his beloved legacy. His legacy includes providing healthcare to the poor and disenfranchised Americans that cannot afford the high costs of medical care. However, that reality might cease to exist for millions of Americans that rely on Obamacare.

The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” was signed early 2010 by Obama to help millions of Americans when it came to their healthcare insurance.