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Articles by Kai McAlister

Immigration continues to be one of the most contentious issues in American politics. While some of the Trump administration’s most controversial actions have been relatively unimportant for a San Diego audience and thus beyond the scope of our localized paper, the issue of immigration is exceptionally close to home and of great relevance to our readers.

The North American Free Trade Agreement has been the subject of immense international debate. The forefront of this debate is, of course, centered on the deal’s most powerful signatory: the United States. 

The Sunshine Tax. That derogatory term used to describe the overtly overpriced nature of housing in famously lovely, sunny-weathered cities applies, in no uncertain terms, to San Diego.

San Diego is a lovely city to live in while you are outside, but shut that door and move to your desk where the bills sit and all of a sudden it is not so wonderful.

It has plagued both national and local headlines for years. The opioid epidemic has been catastrophic in terms of illnesses, injuries and deaths, and continues to get worse day-by-day.

Regrettably, San Diego has not been spared from the epidemic.

However, with the archetypal grit and determination which characterizes this great city, San Diego has resolved to tackle the problem forthwith with preventative measures rather than just reactionary, tentative solutions.

It is no secret that East County and San Diego proper have been embroiled in a nasty homelessness epidemic which has put unfortunate strains between community residents and local officials. One can seldom listen to the radio for longer than ten minutes before hearing at least some reference to this issue.