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Articles by Jaeneen Chung

While lying in bed, you think about the two essays you need to work on, the dirty dishes you need to wash, and the unfolded laundry in your hamper, all while closing your eyes as you drift into your supposedly two hour “nap.”

The term procrastination leaves a trail of dirt behind as it portrays a negative connotation, thanks to our teachers, parents, and the voice in your mind. 

Although it holds a bad reputation, procrastination provides us something we often need: just a little time for ourselves.

Art -- what is it? Is it a set of movements, visual aesthetics, mixture of colors, component of multiple objects or the style of a building?

It is difficult to give a true definition of art, since everyone views it differently, but it is possible to describe and explain why it is has an extensive impact on our lives.

Those who attended a public grade school with uniforms are familiar with the typical dress codes. While we were in elementary school, we simply followed the rules with no questions asked. But as we reached middle school and high school, many of us began to notice something odd about the dress codes – especially for females.

“No shirts exposing shoulders and bra straps,” “No spaghetti straps,” and “Shorts must be passed your fingertips,” are a few of the many rules that are strictly enforced.

Four months into 2018 and it already holds a crazy roller coaster of emotions from my family. Life is like aticking bomb; it explodes in moments you least expect. The unfortunate back-to-back deaths in my family made me appreciate life more and cherish those around as well.

As I look back to my childhood up until now, I could say that I have fallen under the evil spell of peer pressure and conformity. Although you may reject the idea that you too have done things because people push you to, or have altered things to be like everyone around you, some time in your life you have to accept that you have fallen under the spell, too—in order to move on.

We look into the mirror to see the same reflection every single day and wonder why we look and act the way we do. Then we begin to compare ourselves to someone who seems like they have the world – perfect face, body, success, money, friends and life. We are tired of being a Plain Jane and crave for change – change to be like “them.”

Mouth shut. Eyes open. Cannot speak. Cannot move. All you feel is a strong pressure on your chest and a dark presence hovering over you.  

A billion questions begin to bombard your mind. What is happening? You cry out for help but nobody seems to hear you. Whispers begin to creep in your ear and get louder as the seconds pass by. Strangely, out of nowhere, you feel a huge relief on your chest and gain function in your arms and legs again. What just happened?

This is what you call sleep paralysis: a waking nightmare.   

Yes, those furry yellow-looking flies that everyone is afraid to be around, are disappearing. It’s not a big deal, you say? Well, I think you should take a few steps back and reconsider that thought. They play a significant role in our lives.

As a child, parents tried to protect you from the violence and horrible rage of video games. Some also have this idea that it will rot your brain or that it is completely worthless. It is mind-boggling that some parents are absolutely against letting their children come close to PC games or a controller, because of these reasons. Video games are more than late nights, tired eyes and a waste of time.   

Do not be fooled. You know what I mean, when you see a cute dog wagging its tail at you, attempting to grab your attention. If you get pulled in and decide to purchase the dog, little do you know that you are supporting an animal cruelty facility known as puppy mills. 

“Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations where profit is placed above the well-being of animals,” according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).