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Articles by J. S. Anderson, USMC Ret.

When asked his views on the three most important veterans issues, U. S. Marine Corps veteran and Congressman Duncan Hunter (R–CA 5Oth District), quickly identified the first of the three—quality of care and access to care for our nation’s veterans.  Hunter is uniquely qualified to comment upon veteran and military matters, having served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine Corps artillery officer. Additionally, he was the first Marine combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan elected to Congress.

Congresswoman Susan Davis (D – California 53rd District) spoke of her views on the top issues facing our nation’s veterans. As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, the current ranking member on the House Armed Service Subcommittee on Military Personnel, and former member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, her knowledge of and perspective on veterans’ matters impact our community.

Less than 0.5 percent of the [U.S.] population serves in the armed forces…”Eikenberry and Kennedy in the New York Times on 26 May 2013