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Articles by Helen Ofield

A new series from the Lemon Grove Historical Society honors businesses founded in Lemon Grove in the past 40 or more years, including those that moved on to become major national brands. The series kicks off on Sept. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Lemon Grove City Council meeting, Community Center, 3140 School Lane. Businesses will be honored at each city council meeting through June 19, 2018 in honor of the city’s 40th anniversary of incorporation.

The thrill of winning a 2014 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award in the 29th annual awards ceremony on Nov. 20 almost defies description, but we’ll try.

On March 8 on the 50th anniversary of its blockbuster, annual conference on regional history, the Congress of History of San Diego and Imperial Counties (www.congressofhistory.org) gave important awards to five present and former Lemon Grove residents for enriching and advancing the history of the region. The Congress’s vice president Louise Torio (chair, Friends of the Villa Montezuma, Inc.) presented the awards.