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Articles by Greg Eichelberger

To satisfy one’s sweet tooth in East County, one simply has to find Auntie M’s Cupcake Shop, one of the most beloved bakeries in La Mesa.
“My niece would always call me ‘Auntie M’ when she was little,” said Mindy Roberts, owner of the store located at 7406 University Ave. “When I decided to open a bakery, that name was a natural.”

If nothing else, director Christopher Nolan sure knows how to close out a three-film series.

And, while not having the stellar acting performances he coaxed out of Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart in “The Dark Knight,” his final installment of the Bat-Man retooling is much bigger. bolder and comes in a close runner-up behind the franchise’s second offering.
Plus, unlike that movie, there is even a bit of humor, provided mostly by Anne Hathaway (as Selina Kyle/Catwoman) and Michael Caine (manservant Alfred Pennyworth).

LA MESA — It’s ironic that this review will be published shortly after the passing of Donato “Don” Sanfilippo, the man who began

LA MESA — Several young ladies and their mother’s took time off on Saturday, July 14 to make this town look just a little bit better.

LAKESIDE — Members of the Lakeside Boys & Girls Club were given quite a treat on Thursday, July 12.

EL CAJON — There is a scene in the classic 1941 film, “Citizen Kane” where an exuberant millionaire playboy Kane (Orson Welles) exclaims, “I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.” The context here being that publishing a paper is nothing more than a simple diversion.

“CAPE RACE, N. Newfoundland, April 14.—At 10:25 o’clock to-night the White Star line steamship Titanic called ‘C. Q. D.’ to the Marconic wireless station here, and reported having struck an iceberg. The steamer said that immediate assistance was required.

“Half an hour afterward another message came reporting that they were sinking by the head and that women were being put off in the lifeboats.

EL CAJON — One of the missions of the Confederate Air Force is to commemorate aviation history.

The 70th anniversary of America’s involvement in World War II will span from Dec. 7, 2011 through Aug. 15, 2015.

The group’s long- term plan is to commemorate historic events both on the home front and the war front throughout this WWII anniversary period.

EL CAJON — With its aged exterior and an interior far too small to meet the needs of its growing clientle, the Renette Community Center needed an extreme makeover.

And thanks to a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Block Grant, the center has opened its shiny new doors after nine months of reburbishing.

EL CAJON — Helen Looney and El Cajon grew up together — literally. Less than a year before the city became a city, Helen was born.
She recently celebrated her centennial while El Cajon will be gearing up for it’s 100th birthday in November.

Of wider historical significance, Helen was born just two months and two days before the sinking if the HMS Titanic on April 12, but to her and her family, this 100th birthday was special in so many little ways.