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Articles by Gary E. Mitrovich

Anyone passing through Historic Downtown Lakeside on Mar. 18 might have thought they had travelled into the past. The church bell was ringing and hymns were rising from the Olde Community Church at Maine and Parkside, something that has not occurred for many years. It seemed those days of yore had somehow returned.

Meet Dr. Andy Johnsen, the newly appointed Superintendent of the Lakeside Unified School District. Except, you may have already have met him; Johnsen has been doing the job on an interim basis for months now.

It may sound a little like a plot point in the latest James Bond movie, but Project Cornerstone is much better than that. It is about developing skills and career paths for Lakeside youth.

There’s a new Miss Lakeside for 2018 and her name is Brooke Talbot.

For the 56th year, the Miss Lakeside Pageant was held to select the young ladies who would represent this fair town. The pageant took place on Saturday, Feb. 10, in the Lakeside Middle School auditorium, in front of a crowd of parents and supporters that numbered well into the hundreds. Also selected were Madison Ellering as the new Teen Miss Lakeside and Hannah Lowery as the new PreTeen Junior Miss Lakeside.

One thing most Lakesiders will agree on: something needs to be done about Lindo Lake. Not only is that precious body of water what puts the “lake” in “Lake”-side, it is the figurative centerpiece of the town – the reason for its being.

There are many things going on with the lake, including revitalization, redesign, and even redevelopment (to a degree). Lots of minds and organizations and people are making plans for the future of Lindo Lake. So what can you do, as an individual?

One of the many things the New Year brings our community is the Steak and Stein dinner at the Lakeside Rodeo grounds. The annual meal serves to bring together Lakeside community members to mingle, show appreciation, consider sponsorships, and remind us of just how fortunate we are to have the El Capitan Stadium Association. 

It has been 76 years since the tragic events of Pearl Harbor, a day that shocked our nation to its core. Over 2400 souls were lost that day; another 2,000 or so were injured. As the years have passed, we have fewer survivors to honor, until one day soon there will be none left. However, we must never cease to remember those who both died in the attack or survived to fight another day. We must do this for their families and for our country – let us never forget to honor those men and women who sacrificed for us.

As Andy Williams croons, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And it is once again upon us. As in years’ past, Lakeside has a whole passel of things to do - both for the family and for others – to celebrate the Holiday Season.

You need a big calendar to track all the events coming up in town. To make it a little easier for you, here are some of my favorites:

When Tim Boice was in high school, his vision for the future included pitching for a major league baseball team. Being confined to a wheelchair was not a thought until he suffered a debilitating spinal injury; now it is his only option. But Tim uses his story and his life to teach others.

“Use your mind, affect your body,” Tim says, adding that for a disabling injury, “prevention is the only cure. I’m preaching prevention.”

Lakeside’s Todd Owens had a question for Supervisor Dianne Jacob at one of her “Coffee with Constituents” community meetings earlier this year.

“What are you doing about cleaning up all the trash around Lakeside?”

Her reply was immediate and to the point: “What are you doing about it, Todd?”