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Articles by Dean Kellio

Paul left Caesarea in chains with one hundred and twenty-five other prisoners. The storm season was approaching as the hot summer temperatures had vanished allowing cooler air to flow into the area from the north. As they boarded the tall wooden ship bound for Italy the captain knew they would be sailing on the cusp of possible bad weather. With a crew of fifty and one hundred Roman soldiers aboard the total human compliment was two hundred and seventy-five.

Donny carefully slid out of the kayak and into the deep blue waters of the pacific. The water was cool at first but soon warmed as he dipped his mask into the water for a look at the reef. Donny and Jane had paddled over to the north end of Kealakekua Bay just to the left of the white monument that had been constructed to remember the spot where Captain Cook was murdered.

I wanted to see into the Kilauea caldera so off we went. We walked for miles across the old caldera floor that was completely void of all plant life. It was like walking on new earth in a primordial time when God was first creating. We found ourselves having to jump over large cracks, bubbles and broken lava tubes. This desolate landscape was leading to a new erupting vent that was now only a fraction of the size of the Kilauea caldera that we were walking across.

The morning air was sweet smelling filled with the aroma of saw grass as I stepped out of the car and into the path of several Nenes. We had made it our goal to get up early and into the park before hordes of other people who were packed into tour busses like sardines in a tin can showed up. Mornings are the best time to do anything around Volcano, Hawaii as the sun is warm and shining through a partially clouded sky. 

The toddler’s feet kept kicking the tray table attached to the back of my seat. We were only half way to the big Island of Hawaii and now I was worried if the kid would even stop before we landed. The cycle went like this, I would just about doze off when I would awake to tap, tap, tap as the vibrations went through my seat, neck pillow and brain. I understand that kids will be kids and don’t usually think things through or particularly care about others around them but surly one of the parents accompanying them would say something.

I woke up this morning wondering what it would be like to have died. Well, yea it’s kind of a morbid thing to think about and really probably not an exceptionally profitable thing to think on first thing in the morning but, well, welcome to my world. 

Life, it’s everywhere. From the lowest depths of our great oceans to the outer limits of our atmosphere life is present, adapting and growing.  As you examine the world around you water will be at the heart of this phenomenon. It’s the requirement needed for all life to begin, grow and in which it flourishes. Even a tiny baby is protected and begins life surrounded by a watery bubble, safe and sound in their mother’s womb. 

The group of twelve all got up out of their chairs and descended upon the man who was kneeling on the floor in the middle of the room.  He had asked the man in charge of leading the group in worship to pray for him.  Without missing a beat and as soon as it was time to close up the meeting Chris asked everyone to put their hands on Joshua.

Watching bumper stickers go by can be interesting, humorous, mystifying as well as baffling. It seems many of us have the need to enlighten our fellow travelers about an idea, boast of some successful challenge or reprimand thousands of complete strangers about some pet peeve that haunts and taunts them. Some bumper stickers often reflect rude pornographic thoughts while others try and convince us that they are part of a special group, set apart for a Devine purpose.

Have you ever marveled at a dandelion when it has gone to seed? Children love to pluck these delights and blow their soft rounded seeds into the wind and watch each seed as it takes flight and soars up and out of sight. As a dandelion flower is pollinated, its bright yellow flower eventually turns into a perfectly symmetrical sphere of seed parachutes. This sphere is perfectly organized using hundreds of these parachute shaped seeds, each fitting into its own socket on the stem.