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Articles by Dean Kellio

Pastor David’s office has always looked like a hurricane had ransacked it or a bomb went off in it. The strong winds or person responsible left everything in unorganized piles around some sort of pedestal that could have been a desk. For some unknown and peculiar reason Pastor David once gave me a key to his office. Thinking back on his decision I can’t be sure if he was in his right mind when he handed over the key, which I still have in my possession.  

The date the Messiah would return was set in stone, scribbled on a sacred scroll penned by the Prophet Daniel. Sent to man by God through the angel Gabriel; the day of salvation was clearly foretold to the exact day. The Scribes, Priests and Pharisees had memorized the words, calculated the date but were still blinded, unable to see the miracle God was performing.

It’s been said that we must all go through the valley to get to the mountain of God. 

I walked into the largest grocery store in town in the hope that I would surely find one Christmas card to send up to my daughter. After entering the store I quickly found the seasonal section of Christmas cards and began foraging for just the right card.

I’m really terrible when it comes to picking out gifts and greeting cards, whereas my father is the world’s best greeting card hunter; really a most legendary surveyor of greetings. But still, I was determined to find just the right card that both glorified God and described clearly what Christmas is all about.

It would seem that SDG&E’s leadership is following in the footsteps of El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells. Whereas El Cajon’s mayor and City Council’s solution to helping and caring for their city’s homeless is to stop feeding them, SDG&E’s solution to extinguishing wild land fires is to cut off power to resident’s wells and booster pumps that provide water to extinguish fires.

Speaking hypothetically, if you were God, what would you do? I mean if you created Adam and Eve, the first two people, and gave them “freewill” to make choices then what would you do when they inevitably made wrong choices? Would you be surprised?

If you created men and women in a world that only had pure, edifying and constructive choices what kind of choice would that really be? Wouldn’t you have to allow for tainted, critical and destructive outcomes for a choice to exist?

The alarm hadn’t gone off yet but I got up anyway and blindly walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. In the early morning darkness I managed to step on my kitten’s tail, bump into some pictures hanging on the wall and catch my little toe on the edge of a door. After pouring some water, grinding coffee beans and a couple colorful metaphors I readied my worn-out coffee pot for its daily duty.

City leaders pass ordinance prohibiting the distribution of food to homeless on public property. It would seem El Cajon’s solution to reducing their homeless population is to stop feeding them.

Our family grew this year with the addition of a new daughter and our first born grandson. The Lord is good and this Thanksgiving was a reminder of just how good He really is. Our table was packed full of a variety of foods whose presentation mesmerized our senses. We welcomed a slight winter’s chill by after enduring a ninety-six degree Thanksgiving Day.

Jason patiently waited for several cars to pull out of the row where he had spotted an empty parking space. As he slowly approached another driver pulled up at the same time wanting to park. Jason cheerfully smiled and waved to the other driver to take the space then continued just a short distance to another empty spot.