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Articles by Dean Kellio

Let us think about the task of producing a working watch for a moment.

Our first step would require planning, design and blueprints. Only then could we design and create the machines to forge and produce each individual part needed to assemble a watch.  All of the miniature springs, gears and movements will have to be designed and built to extreme tolerances. Now supposing we take all these brand new parts and throw them out into a field. How many millions of years of evolution would go by before they accidentally assemble themselves into a functional watch?

Jake stepped off the stage and away from the podium. His eyes were like a flame of fire and the passion in his voice filled the room like rays of sunshine at daybreak. People were sitting anxiously, waiting to hear what God was going to say to them. They were waiting for hope to come in any form, they were ready to soak it all in and be refreshed by the message that was stirring Jake’s heart.

Sometimes I think the world could be fixed if we just had a roll of duct tape large enough. If we were marooned in the wilderness with only a bag containing a roll of tie wire and Velcro we could probably survive for years. Throw in a Swiss army knife along with a can of WD-40 and we could, maybe, live comfortably for decades.

Although these items would come in very handy, the only thing we really would need in that bag was a bible, the inspired word of God.

It turned midnight as the last pot was washed, rinsed and placed back up on the galley rack that hung above the grill in the kitchen. The head chef, sous chef and prep assistant also hung up their aprons on the hooks by the door before switching off the lights and locking the door to the kitchen.

There had been a good turn out that night, the poached salmon, sautéed leeks and garlic sorbet had been a great hit and sold out within the first few hours of the evening meal. Although the head chef had not anticipated this, he had a backup plan to serve pasta ala nirvana.

Carrie was born with several genetic childhood diseases. She was the middle child in a family who were trying to make their way in a new place, the state of Oregon. 

“God is still on the throne and prayer changes things!” said the voice on the radio.

Harold thought about that for a moment as he drove to work. He had had a fight with his wife the night before and left the house early the next morning without saying goodbye. While cruising down the freeway Harold did not close his eyes but connected with his Creator through a short prayer.

“Lord, please soften my heart and help me to show my wife more kindness.”

The portrait hung on the north wall of the great hall. The image that was preserved was a commanding presence that filled up the ancient stone wall almost completely. It truly was a beautiful representation of a king.  The artist had demonstrated incredible skill in capturing his subject’s spirit on a rough canvass while only using his imagination, five colored tubes of oils and a palette knife.

I was walking towards my house with hands full of books, groceries and a coffee cup that was full to the brim. As I tried to open the latch to the gate, my coffee cup spilled out, dousing all my Bible study material.

Life is so busy and our hands so full of things that at times it can be overwhelming. But even though life’s pressures were pushing down on me, I was determined to see all the blessings in my life.

We had just arrived on the mountain for a huddle at camp May Mac, a secluded Santa Cruz Christian camp.

Small contingents of my wife’s family, fifty-five in all, was just getting out of their cars and were busy hugging and shaking hands. The Santa Cruz Mountains are beautifully placed between the beach town of Santa Cruz and the major metropolitan area of San Jose, California. A gentle westerly was blowing and everything in bloom was sending out fragrances of spring into the air.

Pastor Doug was running late as always as the line at the bank drive-thru began to lurch forward. He had to make a deposit for the church, speed home to eat dinner then be back out on the road to make a pastoral visit at Mercy Hospital. Even though the bank’s drive thru was three lanes wide, it was Friday and everyone was making deposits before the weekend.