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Articles by Cynthia Robertson

The story of “Alice in Wonderland” has always been a mind-bender. The production of the story by Grossmont College Theatre Arts leads Alice and the audience into a rabbit hole to characters even stranger than Lewis Carroll’s original version.

Director Jerry Hager’s intention was to take people for extra twists and turns.

The Theatre Arts Department of Grossmont College is taking a big step forward this year with its brand-new Theatre Arts Summer Conservancy. Talk of the conservancy has always been back-stage, but with funding available now through fundraising efforts, the department is making it happen.

Theater Arts Department Chair Beth Dugan announced that the play to be produced this summer is “The Three Musketeers” adapted from Alexandre Dumas’s novel by Ken Ludwig.

While most other people are bedding down for the night, Dave Decker might just be winding up. He often leaves late from his La Mesa home to drive east on I-8. It’s not some bar or 24-hour diner he’s heading for; instead, he is driving up to the hills to look at stars.

People who like to eat healthy will more than likely try a recipe with tofu. They know where to purchase it but have no idea of where it is made. El Cajon residents will be proud to learn that their tofu may come from San Diego Soy Dairy, a tofu factory in their own back yard.

Owner Shawn Daniels, 48, took over the plant when he bought it two years ago from the former owner. Daniels’ father-in-law read about the sale of the dairy in a Chinese newspaper and suggested that Daniels take it on.

The Morning Glory Brunch at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center on April 12 made a big splash with everyone. The Sweet 16 annual fundraiser benefitted the SMSC students. Organic gardens, delicious food from local restaurants and live entertainment were the highlights of the day. 

The St. Madeleine Dancers were a hit with everyone at the event. They broke out into a lively routine to “Stayin’ Alive.” The cheers from onlookers rang up almost as loud as the music. 

The Multicultural Family Fiesta at the El Cajon Library has been the signature event for the library in the last several years. This year was no different. As the very mission of the library, the event informed, educate, inspired and entertained. 

There were dancers, a K-9 demonstration, and fire engine tours along with snacks for everyone, and crafts and story-time for the children in the library.

Since Curtis Moore started his Safari Crunch granola-making business in 2011, he has seen a lot of changes in the business. He takes in everyone’s concerns for personal health in his granola recipes. But that’s only one reason for the success of Safari Crunch. People go big for the granola’s crunch and taste. 

On a honeymoon trip to Europe with his wife June 29 years ago sparked the first interest for Michael Dudas in art glass. The Murano Glass Factory in Venice inspired him to dabble in glass blowing and stained glass work. Six years ago, Dudas found his unique personal expression through fusing different glass types together at very high temperatures.

A special Valentine’s Tea last week made the folks at Monte Vista Village proud of where they live. It also made a big impression on the guests and friends of Monte Vista.

The event had everything a tea-lover could want, from chocolate-dipped strawberries to finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off to lemon curd and scones. Rose centerpieces and dainty teacups and plates festooned every table. 

Sally Gary drew quite a crowd for the presentation on “Bargains for San Diego Seniors” based on her book, “The $Best Freebies & Bargains and Deals & Steals in San Diego.” The book chock-full of money-saving tips and resources on everything from clothing to health to travel has been so popular since she first published it in 1990 that it is now in its 9th version. Since then, Gary has also done extensive research into bargains just for seniors.