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Articles by B.J. Coleman

They served in the United States Army from 1866 through 1944. Their last official military service posting was in East County at Campo’s old Camp Lockett, on Buckman Springs Road. Formally titled soldiers of the Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Regiments, they were renowned throughout the Old West—with an admiring nod acknowledging resemblance in courage, tenacity and dark, curly hair to the native American bison as the Buffalo Soldiers.

Economists and behaviorists agree that the past is the best predictor of future occurrences. What has happened before can, and likely will, happen again.

What could be more fun than playing on a children’s dream playground? For adults, that just might be building it. Broad, lasting smiles graced the faces of the more than 150 volunteers on hand at El Cajon’s Bostonia Park & Recreation Center on Saturday, Nov. 9, for Build Day, constructing an expanded play space designed by the community.

Sometimes the simplest games are the best, bring out the greatest in players, and never grow old. Two stakes, soft earth, and two arcs of metal are the only necessities for a game of horseshoes. Playing this simple game competitively for 39 years may explain the longevity and vitality of Everett “Red” Seaman. Horseshoes could be the secret ingredient in Seaman’s recipe for a long, happy life.

Think of The American Legion in organized assembly, and you likely will not envision women, front and center for celebration of their service on behalf of patriotism. 

But the District 22 meeting of The American Legion on Saturday, June 2nd, which gathered veteran leaders from throughout San Diego County, honored two women of distinction for their efforts in support of the Legion’s mission “For God and Country.” Hosting the meeting was La Mesa Post 282, located at 8118 University Avenue.