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Articles by BJ Coleman

An hour is not a long span of time. But when an entire hour is dedicated to providing food assistance to active-duty military and veterans at risk of going hungry, that is truly valuable, lasting time.

The ways of war are brutal, fearsome and mind twisting. This is especially so when war is seen through the eyes of women charged with providing care and comfort for warriors in combat zones.

Singer-songwriters have tales to tell through their music. That applies as much for younger performers as for more seasoned composers.

East County’s young country artist Dannie Marie demonstrated that with an energetic and engaging set of her songs in downtown San Diego on March 2. Dannie Marie was opening act during an evening of country music at The Music Box. 

Sprites are magical, supernatural creatures -- elves, fairies or goblins known to surprise people with their presence. The SPRITES of East County are human, but nonetheless surprising, as an organization of lovely daughters and mothers, who prize volunteering in service to community charities. 

Life can often take unexpected turns in the midst of war. El Cajon businessman Fadi Matti could attest to that from his own life. And Matti has built a successful East County real estate business, specializing in relocation assistance to Iraqi refugees in the U.S. whose lives, like his own, have been unsettled by conflict and violence in the Middle East.

Persistence pays. Sometimes persistence is the key factor in successful completion of a project.

Ryan Abell has an important “day job” as a firefighter-paramedic with Heartland Fire & Rescue, where he has worked for over seven years. He further serves the community by volunteering as a board member with the El Cajon Professional Firefighters Foundation, supporting charitable endeavors.

You voted. And as readers of The East County Californian chose for recognition as the Best of East County 2016 received their awards on the evening of Feb. 9. Voting proceeded over a three month period.

“Moving violation” is not a penalty with flags thrown in professional football. Local observers might rue that fact, in contemplating the multiple unfortunate consequences for area communities, flowing from departure of the former San Diego Chargers for Los Angeles.

El Cajon has got talent -- specifically, this East County city has impressive authors among its residents. And the El Cajon Library showed off three of the area’s accomplished book writers on the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 21. The event was the Local Authors Expo.