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Articles by Ana Nita

A very unique place in East County, the Peutz Valley Trail/Chocolate Summit, also known as the Anderson Truck trail, could equally satisfy most hikers’ love for wild places and the adrenaline rush for thrill seekers, being mostly known as one of the best and gruesome (on some areas) tracks rides for mountain biking. About 20 miles East of San Diego, take Harbison Canyon Exit and keep straight onto Alpine Blvd to Peutz Valley Road under the freeway.

Just 20 miles east of downtown San Diego, there is a near faultless wildlife habitat with countless trails for hikers of all levels to enjoy, along one of the last valley in the county left almost untouched by the urban development—El Monte Valley in Lakeside. Hikers, bikers, horse back riders can all enjoy the wide diversity of flora and fauna while exploring the river bottom. That’s not all, as more trails are crisscrossing the mountains above on all sides.

After being closed for a year, Better Days Pizzeria reopened last week with a bang. Grand opening, ribbon-cutting, live band, salsa eating contest, sculpture exhibit outside – nothing was left to chance to create an awesome experience for the Lakesiders who came to celebrate this event. 

One can tell when women are involved into transforming a sterile waiting room in a clinic into a dreamy space for a ribbon-cutting event. They roll down the red carpet, hang little pearls at the entrance, color coordinate every little detail, display the loveliest decorations throughout the place, bring in the most delicious cup cakes in black, white and blue and call it the day. The grand opening of Emily’s Medical Spa in El Cajon was just that and more, a feast for all five senses especially when the music kicked in and everybody cheered up.

Contrary to the misconception, painters are using both sides of the brain in the process of creating art. There is a preparation stage that includes measuring, analyzing, logical thinking and only after this chapter is complete, the right brain turns on and propels the creator right into “the zone” where there is no sense of time or space. Oh, and the enviable life of people who sees things as they are not and translate the world for us by using brushes and colors.

On May 31, the construction site at the Lyceum Space at Horton Plaza made for a jazzy labyrinth for almost one hundred people eager to listen to a very original show researched and written by legendary music ethnologist Yale Strom. The Mira Mesa College Jazz Collective, directed by Steve Torok, performed the “Chaldean Jazz Suite” composed by Strom, who based his music on researches of the San Diego’s southern Iraqi refugees, more specifically the Chaldean community.