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Articles by Albert H. Fulcher

I cannot tell you how elated I am that Alley Cat Art Walk is coming back to El Cajon. It stopped the year before I began working here, and with our office being part of the Art Alley businesses, we are extremely happy to be part of this event that is promoting the many art galleries that are here on an everyday basis. It’s a tight knit group of businesses here in the alley and there is barely a day that we are not in the alley talking about anything and everything.

In history’s perspective, the first Super Bowl was held 50 years ago, Disneyland opened Pirates of the Caribbean, “All you need is love,” by the Beatles was the number one song. And Home of Guiding Hands began providing some of the most vulnerable citizens within San Diego County—people with developmental disabilities.

My daughter is an East County girl through and through. So her move to Texas nearly a year ago was no real surprise. She wanted the small town feeling to raise her boys and the ability to afford a permanent home for them as a family. This is something she was unable to do here in San Diego County, despite her good salary.

There are a couple of East County people that have left us over the past two weeks, both of which have made a significant impact in our communities in their lifetimes. There passing has left an indelible mark on East County and beyond. Families and friends are mourning as they celebrate the lives of these two individuals.

Fashion created the largest fundraiser of the year for St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, and over the past 40 years, it continues to grow and is a highlight of the year bringing in supporters from all over the county for this East County grassroots non-profit. This one-of-a-kind event supports programs for the more than 400 adults with developmental disabilities. This year was an exceptional event, with inspiring people, stories and the unyielding dedication of St. Madeleine’s staff and supporters.

TheraPony’s routine care for one horse is about $3,000 a year, not including emergencies and acute cases. With nearly 30 horses under their care, the need for funding never ends. This local rescue in Ramona began with the wish of a 12-year-old who wanted to give a horse a forever home. TheraPony received its name through a school project and after finding out that therapy was too much for the small ranch to handle, became a horse rescue center.

Sometimes I go to many events just because I want to be part of it. Not wanting to bother with the work involved in covering our community events, I go because I love the event, the people behind it and the cause that it serves. And the cost has to be within my pay range. This is the case with the Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society’s Wild West Casino Night. And it meets all of my conditions. It is affordable, it is a lot of fun with great people and most of all I love the charities that it serves. Rescuing horses.

Proven through animal therapy for years, the ability to watch fish and marine animals is beneficial to both mental and physical wellbeing. In studies it has shown that people that watch fish in an environment have had reductions in heart rates, blood pressure and because of the somewhat hypnotic state of watching fish in natural or aquarium settings, it also has shown to improve mood, promote calmness and a creates a soothing sensation.

California Coast Credit Union is the oldest financial institution in San Diego County. It was started in 1929 by teachers as a teachers’ credit union, has grown and now serves anyone living in Riverside and San Diego counties. It has around 150,000 members and more than $2 billion in assets. It is the third largest credit union institution in the county. Cal Coast’s Community & Public Relations Manager Robert Scheid said he respected all of these accomplishments within the institution when he came onboard.