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Articles by Albert H. Fulcher

Stunning views, beautiful homes and the love of Tuscany wines is a recipe for a new locale in Muth Valley that no other community in the San Diego County area equals. Built around the love of wine making, Trevi Hills Vineyard & Fine Homes is a soon to be destination for wine lovers offering a unique opportunity for its homeowners. Being the owner of a luxury home and a part of something special is obtainable with the centerpiece of this new neighborhood on the outskirts of Lakeside being Trevi Hills Winery.

It was roundup time for the Olaf Wieghorst Museum & Western Heritage Center, and this year they did it in mini style. East County Feed & Supply was a great host for the Museum’s first Wieghorst Mini Roundup Fundraiser on Oct. 21. Mini shrimp cocktails, mini tacos, mini taquitos, mini sliders along with some other delectable mini dishes added flavor to the theme of the early evening fundraiser.

It was Halloween and I was semi-helping handing out candy to the kids while my grandchildren were scouring the neighborhood for candy of their own. I love watching little trick-or-treaters. We had set up a few special treats for the kids we thought had the best costume. It was not much, a piece of candy thrown in a bag, and a small pumpkin tea candleholder filled with extra candy.

I’m a big fan of Jimmie Johnson, and his more than impressive NASCAR history is a remarkable achievement, and he’s not done yet. But more than racing cars, Johnson has never forgotten his roots here in El Cajon, East County and the entire San Diego region. If you ever had the chance to meet him, he’s actually humble and a bit shy. Yet he continues to awe us with his great sportsmanship and his love of racing cars.

Ray “Padre” Johnson brought his 25-piece collection, “The Global Human Family” to life as he spoke at its grand reception on Oct. 6. This collection is historical for East County as it was primed to go for permanent display at the United Nations, but his friendship with Heritage founder Bernard “Bud” Lueck and his further involvement and love for the museum, his change of heart brought this phenomenal display changed those plans.

Bats are not blind, yet use echolocation to find its prey of insects. They also eat fruit and here in California love to find small spaces, such as gutters, trees to sleep. At least 15 California bats can live in a small bat box. Snakes utilize forked tongues to catch odor and place them in pockets in their mouths, knowing what direction to find prey. Spiders are wonderful creatures that eat insects. All of these creepy creatures are an important part of our ecological system and without them the bugs would be so bad that people could not venture outside.

If you are looking for a five-star dining experience at a low cost, look no further than Grossmont College’s Culinary Arts. Its Culinary Art Program Dinner is just that and more. Completely cooked by students in the program, the dinner is orchestrated with perfection from the service as you come into the dining area to the remarkable gourmet recipes that don the dinner table with exquisite beauty that shows the care in preparation and skill levels of these chefs in training.

Best friends, a love triangle, tax fraud, and IRS audit and an unexpected visit from mom and a tremendous amount of alcohol for some, brought a hysterical beginning to Grossmont College’s Stagehouse Theatre in its production of “Love, Sex, and the I. R. S.” on opening night Oct. 5. Directed by Brian Rickel, his idea to treat this play more like a television sitcom taping was nothing short of genius as the performance left you waiting for the next episode of this dynamic cast of young actors and the hot mess situations that they would come up with next.

Every year I look forward to the German American Societies of San Diego’s annual Oktoberfest celebration in El Cajon. And there are many reasons why. Although my last name has a strong German heritage, along with England and Russia, I’m really not sure whether I have any German bloodlines at all. But as a military brat born abroad in Stuttgart, Germany, I do have a strong influence of German culture that my parents embraced and I grew up with.

The Children’s Nature Retreat is geared up for Halloween all of the month of October with its Great Annual Pumpkin Festival. But this is one Halloween event that will not spook the children away, it will encourage them to stay and want to come back for more. Located in Alpine, this 20-acre ranch, a rescue for domestic and exotic animals from around the world, it is known for its hands-on approach for children to interact personally with the rescued animals that now call this beautiful terrain home.