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SCA 17 (Resolution Chapter 127, Statutes of 2014), Steinberg. Members of the Legislature: suspension.

A YES vote on this measure means: The State Constitution would be amended to require a two-thirds vote of the Senate or Assembly in order to suspend a state legislator. The Senate or Assembly could eliminate that legislator’s salary and benefits during the suspension.

A NO vote on this measure means: The Senate or Assembly could still suspend a legislator with a majority vote. The suspended legislator, however, would continue to receive a state salary and benefits.

Let me get this straight . .

Let me get this straight . . .

IF I vote against (NO) Proposition 50 does that indicate that punishments for legislators that are expelled would also include losing their pay and benefits?

As I understand my reading of Proposition this would only occur is I voted for (YES). Is this true?

Were the 3 Senators found guilty in 2014 paid when they were suspended?

Please answer as soon as possible if you want my vote.

Regards, Del Barrett

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